Chula Vista Wood, Iron, Aluminum, Chain link, and Vinyl Fencing Services

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We understand that there are advantages to using certain fence materials in certain situations, and that’s why we offer a wide variety of fencing materials, including but not limited to:


If you are going for the wort iron look, then check out our extensive selection of ornamental fences in Chula Vista CA. They have been around since medieval times and are still popular due to their stunning look. We offer a wide range of designs for iron and aluminum fences including custom designs and predesigned fencing.


From residential to commercial chain-link fencing materials are popular due to being cost-effective and efficient as security barriers. This particular material has been the go to for protection for decades.  Recognized by fence professionals all over the globe for its performance, chain link fences are used in many applications from small residential projects, to maximum security facilities.


Our company installs wood fences for residential, commercial, and industrial clients all over Chula Vista.


Vinyl & PVC Fencing is a great option for homes, business, or neighborhood HOA’s who are searching for the classic wood fencing feel without the same maintenance costs. Vinyl fence or PVC fencing material is good at keep its bright finish even with extensive sun exposure. Our company will service many different styles of Vinyl fencing. If your main focus is privacy, we recommend our privacy series which offers the perfect combination of seclusion and aesthetic appeal. Our PVC picket fences on the other hand are elegant materials to choose from or create your own estate look with.

Fence Repair In Chula Vista And Surrounding Areas

If you are a proud Chula Vista homeowner, there is a high chance that you have already added extra visual charm and character to your property by investing in high-quality fencing. What happens, however, when something goes wrong and your fence is partially damaged by acts of vandalism or periods of bad weather? We are here to provide premium fence restoration services!

A clean new white picket fence can add the perfect touch to your dream home. Or perhaps a well-built wooden fence all around the backyard for optimal privacy. Maybe you’re interested in impressing some potential clients or customers, what better than to have an exquisite ornamental iron fence or automatic gate repair and installation on your property. If you are looking to increase security on your commercial property, we can also provide chain link fence installation and repair services. We are experts at everything fencing and specialize in customer satisfaction.

Fence & Gate Installation Services In Chula Vista CA

It’s no secret that adding a horizontal fence to a property is an easy way to add extra market value and livability to your home. This is why at Fence Service Pro, we specialize in fence installation and gate installation and promise not to be beaten on price by other fencing companies in the local area.

Our fencing team can help you save on the cost of a new fence by carrying out extensive fencing construction to your existing garden perimeter. Even better, we can help you treat any new or existing horizontal fence, in order to offset the need for future repair work.

Fence construction in Chula Vista isn’t just about exemplifying the character and visual appeal of your property. If, for instance, you plan on adding a pool to your property, local zoning requirements state that any such water feature must be accompanied by four feet in height fence with a lockable gate.

Thankfully, unlike other fencing companies in Chula Vista, or garden which meets every functionality requirement which you need it to.

Expert Fence Building Servicess

Erecting a new perimeter around your yard or garden. Prior to starting work,  it’s imperative to know your property’s true survey lines.

Once these have been accurately outlined, a fence supplier such as ourselves needs to sink posts correctly, build structures as sturdily as possible, and seal all in order to prevent premature weathering.

Reclaim your Privacy Today

Are you looking to enhance the privacy and overall livability of your yard or garden? If so, let us help. Call or contact us now to enquire directly about our fencing services. We’ll then quote you the fairest price possible before undertaking the fencing work you need attending to as expeditiously as possible.

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